Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Quick Code Documentation

Documentation of Code seem the least "productive" task but it is important. I have always been adding comments in the code but until today, I couldn't find a "great" tool that could do more than just copying my comments and display in an auto-generated documentation.

Then, here is what I found, an automated documentation generating tool:
1. Download and install "Doxygen"

2. Install GraphViz (open source majorly funded by AT&T)

3. While generating the documentaion through "Doxygen", mention "Use dot tool from the GraphViz Package" option if you are on the Wizard > Diagrams tab.

4. Create Folder in which you want to have the documentation generated and specify other preferences.

5. You'll have to select "Run" tab and say "Run Doxygen" to generate to documentation.

Open "Index.html" to start viewing the documentation!

The tool is so good that it allows you to create Class Diagrams, Inheritence Diagram, UML Diagrams and more all by looking at the code.

Have Fun!

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