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Enabling Internet Connection Firewall Forcefully !

My ICF console was disabled. so i followed the following procedure to enable it.

1. write gpedit.msc in run
2. goto computer configuration > administrative templates > network connections > windows firewall > "Domain Profile" and in "Standard Profile" folders.
3. find and set the key "Protect all network connections" to "Enabled"

you will have the firewall enabled.

Enabling Forms Based Authentication

Viruses these days are hoping from pc to pc and replicating themselves on networks. The file that "downloads" the viruses is not a virus itself and hence remain unidentified and not recognized by any anti-viruses. Last night, similar kind of virus once again attacked the network and after running on my pc, it disabled forms based authentication on all PCs.

Well, it is simple to make form based authentication work again.

1. write "gpedit.msc" in run.
2. goto "conputer configuration > windows settings > security settings > Local policies > user rights assignment. It shows a list of keys.
3. open the key "Access this network from Network" and add "Add User or Group".
4. Add "Users" group from your network domain and "IUSR_{MachineName}" user in this list. and "OK".

5. Now open your "regedit" in windows directory and look for an entry "EnableDCOM".
6. when found, set its value to "Y&qu…