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Integration of MCMS with VS.NET and Role of SQL Server 2000

When MCMS installs, it integrates itself with VS.NET so that you can create MCMS projects. When you are going to create a site with MCMS, you need to tell MCMS where to save all information. For that purpose we need to configure database in SQL Server. There is no concept of premade pages, all pages are created from template pages with empty controls on it. Later on, when accessed (indirectly through channel name), the controls are filled with data that comes from attached SQL Server database. Its all responsibility of MCMS. Whatever authors add content to site, that all is saved in db, and MCMS fetches the contents of the channel accessed on runtime and fills the controls, and sends it to "Subscriber" (generally called a guest user).

Creating Site using CMS, VS.NET, SQLServer2000, and [MCMS tools:Site Manager, Server Configuration Application and Database Configuration Application]

1. Create SQL Server database with name MCMSTest.
2. Add users (MCMS Admin and MCMS Sys Account) to database and give them rights of db_ddladmin, db_datareader and db_datawriter.
3. Goto "Database Configuration Application" tool of MCMS. Select MCMSTest database and copy MCMS schema through wizard (done automatically on "Next clicks").
4. Goto "Server Configuration Application"
in General tab, Click Configure... and then set "Map Channel Names to Host Header Names:" to Yes
in Access tab, click Configure... and select available domains except "workgroup".
in Security tab, click Configure... and set "Allow Guests On Site:" to Yes and add your local user account, for example, TIDREES\IUSR_TIDREES
Click "Close Application" button
5. Open VS.NET and create MCMS Web Project (in CMS Projects)
6. Give your application name as http://localhost:82/site as application name if your &qu…

Adding Assembly to GAC

To create a small Class Library project by using Visual Studio .NET, to generate a strong name, and to install the .dll file of the project in the GAC, follow these steps:

1. In Visual Studio .NET, create a new Visual C# .NET Class Library project, and name the project GACDemo.

2. You must use a strong name. To generate this cryptographic key-pair, use the SN Tool. This tool is located in the \bin subdirectory where the .NET Framework Solution Developer Kit (SDK) is installed. The SN Tool is easy to use. The command-line statement takes the following
form:sn -k "[DriveLetter]:\[DirectoryToPlaceKey]\[KeyName].snk"

3. Create a directory named GACKey in C:\ so that you can easily locate the key, and access the key from the command prompt.Note For most users, the .NET tools are located in C:\Program Files\Microsoft.NET\FrameworkSDK\Bin. Before you type the following SN command, you may want to copy this similar path on your computer to the .NET bin directory. Type cd from the comman…