Thursday, January 12, 2012

Future of Hard-Disk Drives?

All tape drives of the past and most recent high capacity drives used today after all are magnetic drives (which use "ferromagnets" to store bits).

Then Solid State Drives (SSDs) gave a new direction of fastest drives. I think that's the future of hard-drives for another 5 years.

However, what if we had a mixture of two? The real future of storage I think will be storage using atomic structures with an addressing scheme and algorithm of an SSD and a four-atom-wide wires. Instead of flip-flops, "antiferromagnets" will be used and result will be lightening fast drives with thousands of TB of storage... ?

Read about flip-flop replacement:
Tiny hard drive stores one byte of data with just 12 atoms
About connecting-wire replacement:
Four-atom-wide wire may herald tiny computers

I am ready to buy that drive as soon as it becomes available ;)

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