Friday, February 11, 2011

Enabling Remote Blob Storage on Content Database Again

The scenario was, I installed the RBS with Filestream and uninstalled the RBS and realized that all the blobs are still out there on file system due to which the uninstall process failed. Now I tried to call $rbss.Migrate() in PS but it failed because the RBS was no longer installed!

I tried to call $rbss.Enable() but it failed with an error saying “SQL Remote Blob Storage should be installed on the web front end and content database before your can enable it” something like that.

I re-installed RBS and filestream provider but it didn’t let me enable it and kept giving error.

RESOLUTION and Lesson Learnt:

To resolve the error, I re-booted the server and it worked. It is important to note that after installing RBS, it is required to restart the windows if are failing to “Enable” it on the content database.

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