Monday, June 13, 2005

Creating Site using CMS, VS.NET, SQLServer2000, and [MCMS tools:Site Manager, Server Configuration Application and Database Configuration Application]

1. Create SQL Server database with name MCMSTest.
2. Add users (MCMS Admin and MCMS Sys Account) to database and give them rights of db_ddladmin, db_datareader and db_datawriter.
3. Goto "Database Configuration Application" tool of MCMS. Select MCMSTest database and copy MCMS schema through wizard (done automatically on "Next clicks").
4. Goto "Server Configuration Application"
in General tab, Click Configure... and then set "Map Channel Names to Host Header Names:" to Yes
in Access tab, click Configure... and select available domains except "workgroup".
in Security tab, click Configure... and set "Allow Guests On Site:" to Yes and add your local user account, for example, TIDREES\IUSR_TIDREES
Click "Close Application" button
5. Open VS.NET and create MCMS Web Project (in CMS Projects)
6. Give your application name as http://localhost:82/site as application name if your "Public site" is running on port 82.
7. Add default.aspx file in your project.
8. Goto MCMS Template Explorer and add new Gallary "News" and add new Template "NewsTemplate".
9. Goto properties of "NewsTemplate" and mention "TemplateFile" property as "/site/default.aspx"
10. In PlaceholderDefinition click "..." and add HtmlPlaceholderDefinition and set its Name property to "NewsHeading", then add another HtmlPlaceholderDefinition and set its Name Property to "NewsBody". Click Ok
11. Drag "DefaultConsole.aspx" to default.aspx.
12. In Toolbox, goto CMS tab and add two HtmlPlaceholderControl and set "PlaceholderToBind" property of one to NewsHeading and other to NewsBody.
13. Compile Project(don't give start page).

14. Open "Site Manager" tool of MCMS, login as your account (anyone that is added in MCMSTest database users).
15. In Template Gallery, templates made in VS.NET are shown (its because, VS.NET creates templates in MCMSTest db that is now accessed by Site Manager).
16. Goto Channels and add "New Channel". In "Web Authoring" select Template Gallery path as /Templates/News (that is what we created in VS.NET). Click OK
17. In "User Roles" select "Subscribers" and add "New Rights Group". Rename the right group to Subscribers. Goto its properties and in "Group Members" tab, add your user. In Group Rights tab, click on all red croses and make them green ticks. OK, and close Site Manager.

18. Open Browser and enter path http://localhost:82/news/ (its if your "Public" site is running on 82 port).
19. Login to site (if it asks for) and then "Create New Page", and select "News" folder and select "NewsTemplate".
20. Enter data, Click "Save and Exit", Enter name as "main" and then Submit and Approve.
21. Enter in browser http://localhost:82/news/main

Bingo ! your page is open (rather your channel is accessed).

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